Get Ready For Any Interview

Replace the word Interview with Interaction, can you do that?

Work on the Time Lines, and do the Time Management.

Read the  Job Description AND Identify Core Competency 1. Primary Skills 2. Secondary Skills 3. Tools & Behavirol Competency. 

Prepare the top 10 - 10 question for each Competency 

Be ready with the real examples of work and Life to share during Interaction 

Write down borderline question and Prepare to share your thoughts. 

Now, be ready with your story; Success &  Failure.

For failure; Prepare a story how you stand again.

Now Prepare 5 best question you need to know from the Interviewer.

Stay Calm & Confident Dress up well Be a good listener  Learn etiquettes 

Remember it by heart; You are going to interact not for interview. So meet, greet and communicate, Be humble & Respectful.